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The Challenge in Healthcare Today

There is a raging debate throughout America about the best way to provide quality healthcare to all of Americas' citizens. The arguments for a national healthcare plan vs. plans provided by the private sector continue to fuel the controversy. While this debate continues millions of Americans without health insurance continue to suffer. To help fill this need for the uninsured many doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses, and community volunteers are finding ways to step up to help the uninsured. With the help of concerned individuals, foundations, and corporations, volunteer efforts are starting to emerge across the country to address this growing problem. Volunteers in Medicine Gautier (VIMG) is one such healthcare organization working to provide quality healthcare to the uninsured. The article below and the information on this web site explain the important work VIMG is doing and how you can participate and help.

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Important Notice
VIMG does not perform
Disability Exams

VIMG is a 501 (c) 3 Charitable Organization

Volunteers in Medicine Gautier
2550 Indian Point Parkway
Gautier, MS 39553

Phone: 228-497-9713