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Please consider adding your contribution to others who are making it possible for us to provide more help to many more people in our area.

Without donations the VIMG Clinic will not survive much less thrive. 100% of all charitable contributions are used to support the Clinic and no part of this contribution is retained by a professional solicitor or grant writer. VIMG is a 501 (c) 3 charitable organization. Please consult your tax advisor regarding eligible tax deductions. No goods or services can be provided, in whole or in part, in exchange for your contribution. To make a donation to VIMG with a credit card you may click on the Donate Now Button to the right on this screen or you may make a donation by check by clicking on the following link.

Giving Now
We hope to soon start an endowment, and in the meantime we would be enormously grateful for:
* Cash for current year and over future years
* Real Estate
* Retirement and Insurance Policies
* Medical equipment and supplies
* Business equipment and supplies
How And When To Consider Giving: 
* As a pledge with donations made over several years
* In memory or in honor of an individual
* Commemorating a special event, birthday, graduation, wedding, anniversary, promotion, retirement, etc.
* In lieu of holiday gift giving
* Through group and family gifts
* With matching gifts
* During the annual campaign
* By designating the Clinic as the beneficiary for your special event to benefit our community
Planned Giving - Giving in the Future
What if you could make a difference in the health of your community, not just for today, but in years to come? Through planned giving, as you make your estate plans, you can create income as well as tax benefits for you and your heirs. Please contact us.

These are various ways in which you can give in the future:
* Real Estate
* Life Insurance
* Cash
* Retirement Plan Assets
* Charitable Remainder Trusts
* Charitable Gift Annuity
* Retained Life Estate
* Charitable Lead Trust
* Wealth Replacement Trust
There is no indication at this time that our federal and state leaders will soon find a comprehensive answer for the growing healthcare crisis. Without the generous support of our community, the Clinic will be unable to offer help to the thousands of Gautier, Mississippi residents so desperately in need of healthcare. The opportunities to give and receive are endless.
Food/Drinks For Volunteers
On days and evenings when the Clinic operates, often our medical professionals and lay volunteers arrive straight from work and are unable to grab a bite to eat before seeing our patients. One great way to volunteer is provide a meal or heavy snack for the Clinic volunteers. This is a great opportunity for Sunday school groups, civic groups, and small local offices to help out.
Contribution & Tax Deduction Information Funds for VIMG
Contributions may be made in the following ways:
By clicking on the Donation by Check link above or by clicking on the Donate Now button at upper right on this screen or through 
* Gifts of real estate or other appreciated assets
* Planned gifts and bequests
* In-kind donation of goods or services
Can you help? Can your family or friends help? Can your religious organization or civic club help? Can your employer help?
Thank you for your contribution!
Funds for VIMG
Donor Levels of Giving
Dollar-a-Day Club: $1 a day pays for one patient each week (not including pharmacy costs)
Workers Club: $50-$499
Supporters Club: $500-$999
Well-wishers Club: $1,000-$4,999
Benefactors Club: $5,000-$9,999
Patrons Club: $10,000-$49,999
Founders Club: $50,000-$249,999
Prime Founders Club: $250,000-$999,999
Guardian Angels Club: $1,000,000 or more

Important Notice
VIMG does not perform
Disability Exams

VIMG is a 501 (c) 3 Charitable Organization

Volunteers in Medicine Gautier
2550 Indian Point Parkway
Gautier, MS 39553

Phone: 228-497-9713